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Ticketronn.com Drops Service Fees On MLB Tickets To Only 5%


Are you tired of paying as much as $30 dollars in service fees for a $100 ticket? We agree! Ticketron is now charging the lowest service fees anywhere. A $100 ticket now costs $105 including service fees. That is right Ticketron has lowered it’s service fees. For every $100 you spend, only $5 is added in fees.

“We believe the time has come to make ticket buying a better experience for our customers”

Since our beginning in 1999 we have seen service fees continue to escalate to the point where consumers are now spending as much as $30 for every $100 in fees. No one should purchase a ticket that is listed at say $500, then find out that ticket is $650 at the checkout. Ticketron is the first to take the initiative in dropping fees to an industry low 5%.

Imagine seeing a great seat listed for $500, going to the checkout and seeing a service fee of only $25. When you shop at Ticketron that is exactly what you will see. Great seats are now at great value.

“The industry has become so crowded with new sites popping up all over, that pricing has gotten out of control”

The new breed of ticket market place sites has left a sour taste in the mouths of sports fans, concert fans, and theatre fans, as pricing has become way too much for many. Choosing where to buy tickets has now become a process that can take hours, scouring site after site and seeing many of the same tickets on sites with fees that are huge.

We saw it ourselves in our customer feedback, Service fees are out of control was the complaint of many. “Fees are ridiculous” was a common theme.

We at Ticketron heard you loud and clear, and we agree. With 5% service fees, we have brought fees to the industry that are unheard of. Save now and stop paying crazy service fees. We welcome you to join thousands who make Ticketron, their choice for tickets online.




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